EnviroDev is a private enterprise with itsí primary base in South Africa and with a multi-disciplinary team of experts spread all over the globe as itsí main asset. The team members have a variety of interrelationship models with EnviroDev and other team members, forged over the past twenty-odd years. The background industries are comprised of law, engineering, accounting, banking, media and specifically mobile technologies, environmental studies, professional project management, climate studies and conservation management.
The outsourcing options of EnviroDev are especially vast, what with the underlying networks of relationships and enterprises of team members coming into play, extending our possible capacity reach to all continents and a multitude of industries, technologies and localisation options.

EnviroDev functions primarily as ecosystem assemblers and components, and we deliver our value propositions where needed and in the formats demanded by project environments. Accordingly, we adhere to project management principles and formatting, also to our premise of independent financial accounting procedures. We act as facilitators to get products introduced to projects, so not as suppliers or distributors of particular products - even though we might have financed the establishing processes of such a product, in which instance such interests are declared at project inception to direct project participants and in the prescribed EnviroDev Product Interest Declaration (PDF - available upon request).

Corporate governance and compliance generally are cornerstone requirements for EnviroDev involvement in projects, enterprises and product or service provision. EnviroDev team members and associated enterprises can simply not afford to assume undue risks relevant to governance and compliance failures, for obvious reasons. Accordingly, EnviroDev has put in place a formal cooperation agreement with an associate enterprise to assist us and other members of a project or product ecosystem to avoid compliance risks specifically, a primary focus being compliance with the various regional legislative systems dealing with the protection of privacy and security breaches. ICT Compliance are our preferred partners in this space, and they also hold our brief to recommend associates of theirs in instances or territories wherein they not are able to assist us or other project parties.

EnviroDev has a strong footprint of team members and project involvements, historical and current, in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and hence we have also entered into a cooperation agreement with BricsAdvisors, as we are sharing project interests and capacities in a number of instances already, whilst jointly pursuing further involvement in BRICS-related activities. We do so in the belief that many EnviroDev projects and initiatives may be suited to successfully duplicate in these territories and that EnviroDev and associate enterprises could serve as a conduit for products and projects introductions inter-BRICS countries. We also intend, that over and above acting as facilitator, for EnviroDev to physically extend itsí presences to the BRICS countries and then also areas that stand to be directly benefitted by the BRICS activities, such as East Africa, for instance.














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