The EnviroDev team has members and associates on board that can only be described as industry pioneers, in international context and both in respect of the various carbon credit-related segments and the taxation-related aspects of the carbon industry. Participation and active involvement in a substantial number of industry fora and capacities serve to keep us abreast of trends and patterns, policy and legislative shifts, changes to taxation regimes and the general projects landscape. However, the involvement in the above has been fragmented and we are now engaged in a process of consolidating these involvements with either an EnviroDev reference or a formal record of understanding or other form of formalisation. The policy is to make individual media releases of each notable instance.

The current EnviroDev schedule of services or involvement follows, more detailed information is made available upon request:
  • Training - on site preferred, or as forum panel members at events
  • Assessments, registrations, certifications
  • Strategic plans
  • Trading
  • Offset aggregation services, project and business vehicle formatting, such as for Co-operatives
  • Taxation advisory services and representations














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