The only interest that EnviroDev ever shows in fossil fuels is in respect of how to assist and participate in processes aimed at better management of the harmful effects thereof, and effectively this only prompted us to take part in the broader carbon management industry.

Accordingly, our current focus is on solar and wind energy forms in their broadest applications, whilst our further research and consideration of other alternative energy sources continue, such as those presented by heat pumps, hydro-electrical systems and the general impact that aspects such nanotechnology and 3D printing will have on the EnviroDev influence landscape. We actively participate in numerous relevant fora in these regards, in preparation for eventual project and/or product involvement.

Presently thus, the EnviroDev focus in respect of alternative energy is on technologies based on solar or wind as generating base-power.

EnviroDev matches up user communities with products and services to establish an ecosystem that is able to initiate, establish, operate and manage an alternative energy production capacity. The ideal ecosystem that we are striving for is where the capacities and numbers of citizens are harnessed and consolidated in a recognized and credible business entity, such as a co-operative, with which public and/or private suppliers of funding, products and services can enter into long-term contractual agreements.

Practically our objectives are, and per example only, for members of a gated community of townhouses or condominiums to act as a co-operative in procuring solar and wind energy generating capacity, claiming all subsidies and rebates available, managing feeds back into regional electrical grids and also participating in the carbon industry. EnviroDev has researched best-practice models for all of the individual components and have also spent substantial resources on product comparison, and we are at present actively pursuing the relationships to establish a range of projects - varying in size, technology slants and regions - to serve as case studies and templates for international duplication.

EnviroDev continuously strives to engage in discussions and cooperation in respect of both projects and products, and also the funding or financing thereof. We do request that the different and applicable e-mailboxes be used for initial contacts, thus products, projects and funding in order to ensure that the initial contact finds the right person to channel it optimally within EnviroDev.














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