The EnviroDev approach to products and service procurement is entirely project driven, as opposed to a brand- or reference-based approach. A ‘best fit’ approach is applied in terms of products once basic quality and supply capacity assessments have been done, whilst preference is given to local service suppliers if all other aspects are equal.

We are also constantly looking for ‘white label’ opportunities for EnviroDev and invite approaches in this regard to our products division.

Service suppliers, ranging from those active in the main professional categories to those active as equipment installers, per example only, are also invited to contact EnviroDev to pursue inclusion in our Project Capacities Database.

It should be noted that, whilst the EnviroDev primary base is situated in South Africa, that we are involved in product procurement and also distributor and/or installer engagements in various regions of the world. We also have physical presences or representation in a number of countries where products can be given direct exposure to local players.














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